Whew! Mystery Knit Along, Clue #2 is finished!


MKAL Week 2-2And just in time!  The next Downton Abbey Mystery Knit Along Clue 3 is revealed tomorrow!  I don’t think I am the fastest knitter, so this week, I am finishing just in time!

What do you think? It is now too large to spread out on my needles!  And the variegated yarn I am working with is shrinking pretty quickly!  I am hoping we pick up and use the other, more solid color pretty soon!  I am really enjoying this knit along so far!  I am definitely thinking this is a shawl I will use (probably as a scarf, though!)  The colors are really nice!

MKAL Week 2

I enjoyed watching last week’s Downton Abbey episode!  I usually record it on my DVR so that I can go back and watch it again.  Watching and knitting usually means you may miss a detail or two!  The second time I watched it, I did see, just as I suspected, that when they were cleaning Lady Edith’s bedroom after the fire, they found the picture of Marigold.   And I wonder if Mary will be happy with Tony, her new “boyfriend”.  Sounds like he might not be the best choice?  And it looks as if the murder of Tony’s footman is resurfacing…

Anyway, I am excited to see what tomorrow will bring! (with Clue #2 AND the new episode!) I think tomorrow I will work on something else besides this project.  I have been neglecting my sewing and other knitting lately and have a new knit character I am excited to begin!

Today was downright balmy!  Temperatures in the 40’s and sunshine!  Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!









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