Winter Has Marched On…

Well, it’s been awhile since I last posted, and yes, winter is still dumping piles of snow on us.  And we have been hitting record low temperatures…  I spend most evenings after work, snuggled up in my flannel jammies and knitting in front of the fireplace! 

Of course Bear is not far away… He always enjoys a good snuggle! 


As much as I am a “summer person”, the quiet winter is still very nice. 🙂

But Saturday we, again, got a full day of snow! 

Snow in February Snow in February2

Enough is enough!  I went through the house yesterday and removed all traces of anything “winter”!  I am ready for Spring!  So these things went back to the cupboard, not to be seen again until next winter! 

Let it snow

It may seem little superstitious but even so, there is no sense is begging for it! Ha! Ha!


And I love these little Snow Babies.. but ENOUGH is ENOUGH 🙂

And as the winter has marched on, I have continued with my Downton Abbey Mystery Knit along.  I did fall behind a bit.  I knit the Week 5 clue and after finishing, realized I had misinterpreted the pattern so the lace pattern had been knitted wrong (yes I do that too!)  and while pretty, didn’t really show any kind of pattern at all.  So I spent a week trying to decide whether to “bite the bullet” and take out the Week 5 of knitting. 

I finally did take it out which put me a couple of weeks behind.  I have now finished the Week 5 and most of the Week 6 clues.  I am so much happier with the lace pattern.  And after I finish the Week 6 clue, I have only Week 7 to complete and it will be done!  I really do love the pattern and colors! 

MKAL Clue 5 and 6 MKAL Clue 5 Lace

 I am so excited to finish it and start another of my little characters!  I have missed my animal knitting! 

Winter is marching on!  And it will be March in a Week! ðŸ™‚  I can hardly wait!

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