A New Mystery Knit Along!

I know… I know… I haven’t finished my Downton Abbey Mystery Knit Along yet. 

But this one is a knit toy!   

And I am almost done!  I am about to start the final clue of my shawl but the pattern has two alternatives.  The first “standard” clue, and the second one for those who are worried they don’t have enough yarn. 

Here is where I am

MKAL Clue 6

Mom and I decided to wait until we could compare our yarn and make a decision together to use Alternative 1 or Alternative 2.  So as soon as we do that, I can finish this up.

This new Mystery Knit Along was announced a few weeks ago by Barbara Prime, who designs patterns she sells under the name of FuzzyMittens.  Last year I participated, and the mystery knit animal turned out to be such a cute Kangaroo Mama and baby!  So how fun to make a new one?  The first clue came out today and I am excited to get started!  The pattern suggested a medium and a darker green for the animal with another color for accessories.  This first clue is for a hat and rain boots. 

Here are my color choices! 


What do you think?  Frog?  Turtle?  Lizard?

I am hoping FROG!  We will see!


2 thoughts on “A New Mystery Knit Along!

  1. Hi Sandy and FuzzyMittens,
    I wonder if you can share the link to the purple mystery knit-a-long pattern with both Alternatives. OR if you have to wait until the KAL is complete to actually publish the pattern and modifications.

    Also, the 3 skeins (2 greens and 1 yellow) for the new KAL: can you share what yarns they are and the color. ONLY because I tend to still need more help picking out colors that beautifully together. 🙂

    Thanks much and look to hear from you. Lynn

    • Lynn,
      I would be happy to give you the information I have. The pink/gray/purple shawl is from the Downton Abbey knit along. The link to the pattern is here. It looks like the full pattern will be available March 31, 2015.

      And as far as the yarn I chose for this new knit along…

      Cascade 220 worsted lemon yellow – 4147
      Cascade Superwash paints – 9885
      Cascade 220 worsted primavera – 8903

      Have a great day and let me know if you need any more information!

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