I Like Turtles!

I finished my Fuzzy Mitten Mystery Knit Along and as I suspected, it’s a turtle!  What a cute little guy he is!  


  The shell was a definite giveaway!  But I think before that, when I made the head and tail, I was pretty sure he was going to be a turtle.  Timothy Turtle3

Timothy, as I’ve decided to call him, is a bit bigger than the animals I usually make. I would say he is about a foot tall. 

But this little guy is going to be making a special appearance in my Etsy shop in the next day or two.  And I think I have enough yarn left over to make him again.    🙂

In the mean time, I am enjoying the spring and looking forward to summer at the lake!  After this long winter, I am enjoying every little bloom of spring! 



2 thoughts on “I Like Turtles!

  1. Cute little guy! Lots of work! You did a great job!

    • Thanks Gertie! I think its fun to start knitting and guess what it might be. I think I had it figured out about 3 weeks ago. But I am so happy with how it turned out!

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