Where is the Summer Going???


Tomorrow is July 1st… and my brother’s birthday! (Happy Birthday to him!).  I really can’t believe that June is over.  We’ve already had our longest day of the year and July 4th weekend is upon us.

The reason it hasn’t felt like we’ve had that much of a summer so far is that the weather has been cooler with lots of rainy weekends.  So I can’t believe July is upon us and I haven’t even gone for a swim yet this year.

If I were searching for a silver lining to all this non-summer weather, I think I could say that the added indoor time has allowed me to try knitting something new.  This past winter when looking through patterns on Ravelry, I came upon a wonderful website called Mary Jane’s Tearoom.  The doll patterns sold here were so wonderful, I became obsessed with the idea of making some of them.

Years ago, when I was growing up, I loved Joan Walsh Anglund dolls and collected several.  The dolls from Mary Jane’s Tearoom patterns, reminded me of those.  I couldn’t wait to try one.

So this summer, one of my projects has been making this adorable doll I call Emmeline. 

Emmaline-4 Emmaline-3 Emmaline-2

The pattern was not that difficult but the results look so professional, I think.  As soon as I purchased the pattern, I got an email from the shop owner telling me that if I had any questions, to not hesitate to email and I would receive help promptly.  Due to the well written and illustrated pattern, I never needed any outside help.  I especially liked the fact that each body part also had measurements when stuffed so I was easily able to tell if the pieces I was making, were stuffed the right amount. I think the finished doll looks very much like the pictures that were on the pattern. 

And I can hardly wait to make another one!  Emmeline will be appearing on my Etsy shop in the next couple of days if anyone is interesting in “adopting” her!

Oh!  And after the nearly tropical grade storm we had last Saturday, we were able to get out on the lake Sunday and enjoy some boating!  Thank goodness!

Lake Days 2 Lake Days

I hope everyone has a wonderful July 4th weekend!

God Bless America!

One thought on “Where is the Summer Going???

  1. Love this sweet little doll, Emmeline is a cute name for one of the Powell clan!

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