About Me

Hi!  Welcome to Live…  Love… Lake…  I’m Sandy and I live with my husband Pat, our daughter Amy, and our lovable Black Lab, Bear, near Findlay, Ohio.  We have two grown sons, Jay who is 27 and living in Brooklyn, NY, and Tommy, 24 and living in Cincinnati.  Our daughter Amy, 22 just graduated from college, is living at home and substitute teaching this year while searching for a teaching job in the area.

I graduated from college with a major in Computer Science and have worked in the software industry my whole career.  But I have always loved creating things by sewing, knitting, and cooking, as well as decorating my home to make it a comfortable and welcoming place.

While living most of my life in Ohio, we have always had a weekend lake house in Indiana.  My family started going there before I was born and when my parents retired and moved there in 1995 they built a beautiful family home on the lake, that we all call ours. My children have grown up there, just as I did, and it is this place that I would like to call my home someday.  But for now, I split my time between my home in Ohio and the one in Indiana.

Here’s our dog Bear, who is always right at our feet. 🙂

I'd love to hear what you think!

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