Easy Infinity Scarf

A few weekend ago, I was searching on Pinterest for some new infinity scarves to knit or crochet and I came upon this pin for an infinity scarf made from a T-shirt.  I went back to it this weekend and thought I would try making one to see how it turned out.  It turned out so well, I made 3 of them!  (OK. they are all gifts for now, but we’ll see if I can resist making one or two for myself in the next few weeks!)

Making these scarves could not have been easier.  First you start with a Men’s XL T-shirt.  Be sure to select one without side seams.

Cut the T-shirt in a straight line right below the arm pits on the T-shirt.  Also cut the hem off the bottom of the shirt and save the hem to be used later.

Measure at 1 inch intervals along one side of the T-shirt and cut in strips.  Continue cutting in a straight line across the width of the T-shirt, stopping about 1/2 inch before the end.

Once all of the strips are cut, pull each strip firmly until the strip “curls”.  then thread the hem strip through the uncut side of the T-shirt to gather the strips together, and tie it firmly.

The finished scarf can be worn long or doubled.  I read that you could use a T-shirt size Medium to X-Large, but I would think if you wanted to double it, X-Large would definitely work best.  I liked this purple one so much that I made two more in the same afternoon!  Here is another of the finished ones.  I think these will make great gifts, and are really easy to make.

Thanks again to Pink Pistachio where I got this original idea!

2 thoughts on “Easy Infinity Scarf

  1. I love these scarves, I have made a few for myself and even more for friends, and no one can believe how easy they are to make when they see them.

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