I Bet You’ve Wondered What Happened to Me!

Hey there blog friends!  I am sure you thought I had dropped off the face of the earth! For that I am sorry, and I am hoping to do better! 

Wow!   It’s been something like 10 months since I posted.  Hmmmmm… Those months were filled with wedding planning… work… dress shopping… knitting animals… dress fittings… trips to the lake… more wedding planning…  bridal showers…  Can you get the theme of the last 10 months?

Yep!  We had a wedding in the family!  My daughter Amy, married a wonderful guy this summer and we had the best time planning it and the day was just so special and memorable!  (Even though many moments were kind of a blur in my mind!)

amycolinweddingbymorganlindsayphotography-157 amycolinweddingbymorganlindsayphotography-519a

Trips to the lake this summer were great too!  We took a week of vacation and spent it there and the weather was PERFECT!  We had plenty of time for morning fishing trips, afternoon boating and swimming, and relaxing evenings.


Bear had a great time too!

This past weekend was our weekend to put away most of our summer toys.  Always a sad time.  But we are planning a trip to New Hampshire in a couple of weeks so we have lots of things to look forward to, also!

In the mean time, I am back to knitting my animals and other items, and I am planning to get out the sewing machine again too.  I need to get some things in my Etsy shop for Christmas!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week and Happy Fall!

What a Nice Winter Visit

MKAL Week 3Happy Weekend everyone! (Even though it is almost over…) 

I finished my Week 3 clue of the Downton Abbey Knit along early this week.  It was pretty much 20 more rows of the same thing we had been doing, with the stitches per row increasing.  Now I have almost 300 stitches on my needles.  But it is really pretty, and I love the texture and softness of it!

So with Saturday looking like a pretty nice day, Pat and I decided to head up to the lake to visit mom so she and I could compare our knitting progress!  We actually chose the same colors of yarn, but I chose to use the variegated color as the main color with the solid color as the alternate one.  She chose the opposite.  They look really different but I love them both!  When we are done we will have to share them back and forth…  (at least I hope so! 🙂 )

Our KALs Week 3

The day was not really pretty but it was neat to see the lake iced over and snow-covered.  The last time I was there, it just had a really thin layer of ice so this was a big difference!  I did get a couple of pictures of the lake and the sun did peek through the overcast sky just a bit yesterday.

Lake 1-24-15 2 Lake 1-24-15

Brrrrrrrrr…  but still pretty in its own way.

We took Mom over to Potawatomi Inn for lunch. They have this really neat restaurant at the Inn with great views of the lake. 

Lakeview Grille

As we walked out of the lodge, we saw all these families sitting around the fire, doing puzzles and warming up from their outside activities.  Some had just come in or were all dressed to head out to the toboggan run!

I posted pictures of the toboggan run a couple of years ago and since yesterday wasn’t as pretty I didn’t take any pictures, but here are pictures from two years ago!  I also found this cool YouTube of  the toboggan run to share (thanks to CLP Marketing, Angola, IN).   I know I sure enjoyed it when I was in college and our whole family used to go on Thanksgiving weekend!  I am thinking we may need to plan this again soon!

This is definitely a great family vacation spot if you live anywhere near the North Eastern Indiana area!

One of my favorite things about the lake area is enjoying ALL the seasons!

 Anyway, we are back home and I just printed off Clue #4 for my KAL.  Only 14 rows this week and it looks like it is going to start some new patterns in the knitting  I can’t wait to get started!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!  I sure did!

I vaguely recall last year when the season was over, vowing to plan my blog posts ahead of time so that I would be able to continue posting during December, while not giving away Christmas gift ideas and still having time to make my gifts.  Well.. that didn’t happen!  But there is always next year!  Hopefully I will do better!

One really nice surprise was the activity in my Etsy shop this Christmas season!  I sold so many of my infinity scarves, and a couple of my stuffed animals.  It was such a thrill to be out Christmas shopping and see a notification appear on my phone letting me know I had made another sale!  I want to say thank you to all who visited my shop and a very special THANK YOU to those who purchased items!  I am planning to replenish my infinity scarf inventory very soon!  And create some new items as well. 

I had a wonderful Christmas with almost all of my family. I made some gifts, spent loads of time in the kitchen baking and cooking, and enjoyed many of our Christmas traditions with the people I love most!  I even had time this year to pull out my Christmas music and play the piano!

This year we had our 2nd Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Christmas!  It was hilarious to see the combos that people came up with!  I think everyone really gets into the wacky possibilities of this.  And I enjoy wearing something I am not that concerned about since I spend a lot of the day in the kitchen.  I think we will try a new theme for next year, but haven’t decided what it will be.

Christmas day with everyone was so much fun!  As you can see, we don’t really have “kids” anymore, but due to the size of my dining room and dining room table, we still use the “kids table” concept.  Everyone laughs about it, but honestly I think they have a great time reconnecting with each other!

My mom comes every year and spends Christmas with us and she and I had a GREAT time wandering around town for last-minute shopping, going out for lunch, and I don’t know what I would have done without her help in the kitchen!  We baked cookies and snacks…  It was so wonderful to have her here!

One of the gifts I gave her this year was the beautiful Lorna’s Laces Solemate yarn and pattern to do the Downton Abbey Mystery Knit-along that starts this Sunday! (As does Downton Abbey!  I can hardly wait!)  I purchased the pattern for us and the yarn in “Edith’s Secret” color for both of us.  Then I got one of each of the coordinating colors so she could pick the one she wanted. 

Downton Abbey MKAL 2015


We are so excited to be participating in this Mystery Knit along again this year!  If anyone wants to participate with us, I am sure there is still time!  The first clue is usually just a swatch and some casting on rows.  And I just checked at Jimmy Beans Wool website and kits with all of the color combinations are still available! 

It is wonderful to sit done on Sunday nights with a glass of wine and my knitting to watch!  And Knit Alongs are GREAT ways to learn new knitting techniques!  So join us!

OH… and finally.. no White Christmas for us! Here was the beautiful sky in my back yard on New Year’s Eve!  That’s OK.. honestly I wouldn’t mind if we had weather like this for another month!

New Year's Eve 2014

Happy 2015!